Tactical risk advisors

Vanda is an independent research house that provides tactical macroeconomic and investment strategy analysis to institutional investors.


Macro and policy surprises

Markets are largely efficient in the short-term. We focus on where expectations are, and where it’s most likely that future events will diverge from the collective forecast.

Investor positioning

All things being equal, uncrowded trades are more profitable than crowded ones. We spend a lot of time analyzing where the crowds are, and trying to avoid them.


What’s the difference between long-term Treasury yields and the relative performance of cyclical vs. defensive equities? Not much. Our cross-asset focus lets us spot dislocations across asset classes.

Market cycles

Our investment horizon spans 3-6 months. Why? Because that’s the average duration of individual risk cycles in the post-crisis era (we’ve seen twelve of them, to be exact).


Of course, markets can stay crowded longer than investors can stay solvent. Our analysis incorporates the catalysts most likely to force price discovery.


US macro data affect European sovereign yields. ECB actions impact Japanese equities. And Chinese policy drives EM currencies. We monitor it all.

Our products

Hippocrates' Sleeve

Our forum for more in-depth analysis and actionable trade ideas. Topics involve what is most pertinent at the time and range from US market capitulation predictions, to Japan monetary policy, to EU sector rotation trades, to predicting cross-asset responses to Chinese data.

Hedge Fund Weekly

A key supplement to our institutional clients’ strategy, this round up of current fund positioning based on sector allocations and performance correlations provides deeper insight into hedge fund sentiment and reaction functions.

Positioning Weekly

A weekly compilation of the latest positioning and fund flow data from domestic regulators, local exchanges, options markets, ETF providers and third-party vendors. Updates include a synopsis of the most and least crowded trades, notable weekly changes and areas where upcoming catalysts pose the greatest risks.

Proprietary indicators

Vanda <VAND> publishes a suite of proprietary indices on Bloomberg , including cyclical vs defensive equity ratios in the US, Europe and EM, as well as equity dispersion indices across a number of geographies. We also offer comprehensive positioning data, derived from a variety of reliable sources, including domestic regulators, local exchanges, ETF providers and third party vendors.

European Sector Weekly

A succinct analysis of the impact of different global macro events on European equity sectors, always through the prism of positioning and expectations

Bespoke analysis

For clients with specific research requests, we’re here to help. Our team includes former portfolio managers, economists, equity analysts, fixed income traders and trade specialists – so we like to think we can tackle a broad array of projects from a number of different perspectives.

Daily commentary

Concise yet still analytically rigorous, we aim to identify the signal amidst the noise and aspire to be the only thing clients need to read to digest the day’s most relevant developments.

Risk calls

We conduct daily, weekly and quarterly risk calls with select clients discussing anything and everything. And time zones? We don’t believe in ’em.

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If you are interested in a trial subscription or have a question only we can answer, please fill in the contact form below. Alternatively, you may e-mail us directly at sales@vanda-securities.com.



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